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Sharron Angle – Republican Nominee for U.S. Senate, Nevada

Dear Citizens,

Harry Reid is determined to pass his extremist agenda, no matter what it costs America.

First, he voted to give special tax breaks and Social Security benefits to Illegal Aliens. Then, he smiled and clapped when the President of Mexico attacked Arizona for their tough new immigration law. Now, Reid has introduced a new plan that introduces AMNESTY for illegal immigrants.

And it’s all at YOUR expense.

You will pay for every penny of his policies. Not a faceless individual from another state, or the mythical “rich” that Reid thinks will easily pay for his “trillions” in spending.

It will be you and your children.

No wonder Harry Reid and his Democrat cronies are planning one of the largest tax increases in United States history this year when they roll back the Bush tax cuts! They’re going to need all that money to pay for their extreme agenda.

We have just one chance to defeat him and keep our money. That chance is right now. Recent polls have me leading Harry Reid and show that I can defeat him. Will you support our final push in these last few weeks before the November Election?

I’ve launched a new TV ad to get this message to every resident of Nevada. Believe me, it’s expensive. That’s why we set a $1 million dollar online fundraising goal for September. Thankfully, we blew past that goal this week so we are now hoping to raise $1.5 million. Will you help me?

In a just a few short weeks, one of two things will happen. Either I will win in November and we’ll get to work on rolling back the government health care takeover that Reid passed, extending the Bush tax cuts, and reducing the size of the Federal Government.

Or Harry Reid will win and we’ll all be spending the holiday season deciding what items we’ll be cutting back on in order to pay for his tax increases and bloated federal spending. Will it be that extra dinner out with your spouse? Will it be something even more serious, like braces for your kids? Those the are the kinds of ugly choices that Harry Reid will be forcing Americans to make if he is re-elected.

Those decisions aren’t pleasant. But those are the decisions we face.

While Harry Reid hangs out in the Ritz in DC planning how he’ll spend your money, we have to face the real decisions back home. Will you stand with me and make SURE this doesn’t happen? Will you help me make sure Reid’s agenda isn’t passed at OUR expense?

Let’s win this together.

For the cause,

Sharron Angle, Republican Nominee for U.S. Senate, Nevada

P.S. Win or lose in a few weeks I’ll be living in Nevada, paying taxes here and watching many of my friends fight to obtain or keep a job. We must not stand by while Reid robs us of what we have left. Will you stand with me?

Paid for by Friends of Sharron Angle

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