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Rand Paul, Peter Schiff…now Bruce Poliquin

Sunday, December 13th, 2009

Dear Fellow Libertarian/Fan of Freedom,

The strength of our movement is deafening to the powers which fear our ability to fund candidates and help them get elected.

This year alone, we helped to make viable the campaigns of Peter Schiff and Rand Paul. Our donations are helping them to be competitive as they fight for our constitutional rights.

Now, another candidate deserves your consideration – Bruce Poliquin, who is running for Governor of Maine.

Bruce Poliquin stands for limited government, and for giving citizens more control over the size and reach of their state beaurocracy. He demonstrated this during the past few months by helping to fund the Taxpayer Bill of Rights movement in Maine that requires the voters to approve increases in state spending or taxes. No other candidate for Governor except Poliquin committed his own personal money to help our movement.

Bruce Poliquin believes that the best government is the smallest government. When we help elect him, he will audit and reduce the size of one of the most bloated state governments in the United States. He will fight for the voice of the people. He will be one of us!

Just as we helped Peter Schiff, Rand Paul, and his father before him, we need to help Bruce Poliquin win! The best way to do that is to donate $25, $50, or even $750 (the limit) before Christmas.

Visit his website www.BruceForMe.com to learn more about Bruce Poliquin, candidate for Maine Governor. Don’t delay your contribution to another deserving candidate who will help reshape our great country!


Robert Newman